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I’ve been published in, e.g., The New York Times, The Wall St Journal (including 3 Op-eds), The Times of London, The Financial Times, FT Deutschland, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, Courrier International (France), Newsweek, Time, Marie Claire, Glamour Deutschland,…

Here is a partial list.

Financial Times columns to come. Maybe never. They require scanning.

Business/finance stuff here

Wall St Journal Op-ed (my 3rd one!!): K-pop Music and the Hallyu Hullaballoo (17 June 2016)

Justin Timberlake is going to ruin Eurovision (Quartz, 13 May 2016)

Conan O’Brien accidentally exposed the culture gap between Koreans and Korean-Americans (Quartz, 13 April 2016). This was one of the top 10 most-posted, entertainment-related articles on Facebook the day the article was published.

Why some Koreans make $10,000 a month to eat on-camera (16 January 2016)

Korea’s newest slogan is Seoul stupid (11 November 2015)

Resilience in Paris (LA Times Op-ed, 13 November 2015)

Charlie Hebdo’s brand of French gross-out humor is a tradition worth preserving (Quartz, 9 January 2014)

“4 Things You Absolutely Should Know About Kpop Culture” (Marie Claire, August 2014)


The Lean, Mean, Star-Making K-Pop Machine (The Paris Review, 6 August 2014)

Tiger Mom is many things, but she’s no racist (Quartz, January 26, 2014)

Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”: Revenge is a dish best served Korean, (Quartz, December 20, 2013)
Wall St Journal Op Ed “I Got Double Eyelid Surgery, but not to look White,” 18 September 2013

Midnight Madness: Inside Goldman’s Epic, all-night scavenger hunt (The Atlantic, June 27, 2013). This was at the time the most widely-shared article in the history of Quartz.

Bad Math In Reporting Is Bad For French Jews (Open Zion)

An American Jew in Paris (Open Zion). 15th January 2013

I grew up Gangnam Style: but the Seoul of my youth had none of Psy’s irony (The Atlantic, September 24, 2012)

Formula One, like soccer and the metric system, is OK for everyone except Americans
  (Quartz, November 28, 2012)

The biggest royal event in France since Versailles: Burger King is coming back (Quartz, November 30, 2012)
In the future, your Champagne will be from England    (The Atlantic, September 24, 2012)
What is global climate change doing to our favorite wines?  (Quartz, September 24, 2012)

Are the French anti-Semites? (Open Zion, The Daily Beast, March 20, 2012)

The New York Times, Nov 30, 2003: “Teaching Germany to Grin and Bear Cheerleading” (Germany).  An all-American girl comes to Berlin to form an NFL Europe cheerleading team.

The Boston Globe, Sept 7, 2003: “We’ll Always Have East Berlin” (Germany)  The Communist nostalgia craze in Germany

The New York Times, May 26, 2003: “Rise of the New Europe in Euro Pop”. (Latvia)  The Eurovision Song Contest.

Washington Post, June 5, 2005.  Article, “In the Arab World, Pop Stardom Can Be a Touchy Subject.”

France articles (2007-present) In French: /In English:

The Monster Business

Should the Nobel Economics Prize be abolished?

What to do with $700 billion

Did mathematics cause the global financial crisis?

German legislative elections: One man, two votes

German legislative elections: Every party counts