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The Chicago Tribune
“Undeniably refreshing… [an] impressively deft debut… [the] narrative is captivating and inclusive… The writing is immaculate, the story’s evolution nearly effortless. It has depth without being heavily messaged, light amusement without becoming fluffy and is a compelling multilayered story without being plot-focused. Hong has crafted a delightfully erudite and justifiably literary novel, in tune with a narrator as witty as one can be without being intimidating. It is as smart and clever as it is deliciously entertaining.”

The Village Voice:
“A Surfeit of Sitcom-Ready Charm”

The Washington Post:
“Witty disdain leads the way. Even as we root for a better, kinder heroine, we wouldn’t want to miss her tantrums… Hong gives the reader credit… to applaud an ending where decency, most entertainingly, remains.

Kirkus (Starred Review):
“Wicked skill… This is Vanity Fair’s close cousin.”

Marie Claire, Aug 2006
listed in the Shopping section as one of the books the “Classic Girl” is reading!

NY Daily News:
“You’ll be laughing from cover to cover.”

Library Journal:
“This book is an in-house favorite.”

“Luckily for readers she never loses her hilarious edge in this captivating, sophisticated high-society comedy.”

Advance praise

“Clever, smart and oh so terribly funny, Kept is
perfect for the beach tote or for sneaking into your
graduate seminar. This is a volume to treasure.”—Gary Shteyngart, author of Absurdistan and The Russian Debutante’s Handbook

“Hong is the latest must- read female Asian fiction writer. In “Kept,” she explores all of the issues that make novels worth reading — sex, class, family, religion — in a smart, fresh, provocative, and very funny way.”

-Adi Ignatius, Time magazine, Executive Editor,

“A high-spirited, witty and entertaining tale with an unusually audacious heroine and a dazzlingly global frame of reference.”—Margaret Drabble, CBE, editor of the Oxford Companion to Prose and author of The Millstone

“Rich, insightful and wildly entertaining. A wonderfully assured debut.”—Helen Walsh, author of Brass.

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Kept: A Comedy of Sex and Manners (Simon and Schuster, 2006) tells the story of Judith Lee, a 26 year old Korean American Yale grad living in NYC who has been raised to believe she is an
aristocrat. Having never learned to make herself likeable or useful, she incurs
monstrous debts. Judith´s seedy aunt introduces her to Madame Tartakov, a
beautiful, harpyish Russian emigre and former ballerina who faked Jewish ancestry
to gain asylum in the US, and who now runs a brothel of high-class courtesans out
of her East 62nd street townhouse. She will pay off all of Judith´s debts in exchange
for two years of service at said brothel–and she´ll have to tie her tubes. [FYI no the author did not work in the sex industry, not ever. This part of the book, as with many others, are a total fabrication. So stop asking, putain de merde.] Seems like a
stiff price, but how could a snob like Judith possibly resist the opportunity to live
with girls descended from the likes of Vlad the Impaler and Ethelred the Unready?

Listen to a radio segment by Euny Hong on her novel, Kept.

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