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Answer to 99 out of 100 questions: It was a dark and stormy night.

The 100th question: Did you, like the protagonist in your novel Kept, ever work in the sex industry?

Answer (diplomatic version): No. Not even a little. Some parts of the book are based on truth, but only the boring bits, not the exciting ones. The closest I’ve ever come to meeting a prostitute was in Berlin when I used to hang out at a cafe on Oranienburgerstrasse, on which prostitution is legal. The girls their all had butt-bags around their waists (Americans call this a fanny pack but that means something obscene in Britain) so they could give correct change to their customers. This one prostitute with an orange tan would come in to use the bathroom, and I’d say “Guten Abend.” Not super exciting, sorry.

The woman whose experiences formed the basis for the plot (not Korean btw) was someone I knew who, tragically, committed suicide.

(honest version): Aaarrgh have you ever heard of fiction? It’s this new genre of literature that’s only been around for like 600 years. Does an author have to have first-hand knowledge of something in order to make up stories about it? Do people have to have known Yoda personally and dealt with sandworms in order to write about them?


OK there seem to be more than 100 questions.